Getting Started

Kick Off Kit

Welcome to What a Crock Fundraising! This content should be sent via email to your sellers at/before the time your fundraiser launches. Generally, you can accomplish all this in one email. If you prefer to do it multiple emails, you can select whatever content you prefer.

Content (Click to Download) Notes

This email should be copied and sent at or before the launch of your fundraiser, it serves as an introduction for your sellers into what the fundraiser is all about. (Download is a .docx file)

A short video meant to serve as a further introduction to the fundraising program. (Copy and paste this link into your welcome email)

A digital flyer meant to introduce sellers/customers to how our business works. (Download is a .png image file)

A digital flyer also meant to introduce sellers/customers to how our business works. (Download is a .png image file)

Social Media Tip

Be sure to post the link to your fundraiser to your school's social media pages, and encourage everyone to share it with their friends!

Marketing Materials - Your First Month

Below are marketing materials for your first month of fundraising. The key to our fundraiser is getting folks to buy throughout the year. We want to send them loving reminders about the fundraiser - without being annoying! The most important thing is sending regular correspondence, so feel free to use these materials as you see fit, but do your best to be consistent.

Content (Click to Download) Notes

Our resident elementary schooler shows just how easy it is to prepare our meals!

Learn how to use our soups to make delicious baked casseroles.

Times are difficult for everyone, especially fundraisers. Check out these tips from Amy Einstein to help make the most out of your fundraising campaigns during the pandemic.

Customize baked potatoes with our creamy dips.

This post showcases our creamy dips - great for parties!