Easify Your Fundraising

The Marketplace Fundraiser is a unique, delicious, and consistent fundraiser, perfect for any group or organization. "So what does Easify mean and why did you make up your own word?" Well, we did this because English was too restraining for us, and because marketing people need jobs too. We "Easify" fundraising with four simple principles: Make fundraising easy to understand, make it easy for the coordinator to run, easy for the supporter to buy often, and easy to maintain!

Family Traditions

Bring the tastes of the Philadelphia area to your doorstep, ALL YEAR LONG! Our virtual market "shoppes" (again... our marketing folks being..."on trend") offer gourmet foods, shipped direct to your supporters, from hard working small businesses that take pride and care in the foods they make every day. Now you can order dips and soups from What a Crock, decadent cookies from Famous 4th St. Bakery, South Philly's Cacia's stromboli and pizza kits, any time of year, and your organization earns profits on every order!

Ready To Get Started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a collection of small businesses that offer gourmet, homemade foods to patrons in the Philadelphia area at various storefronts, bakeries and farms. The Marketplace Virtual Shoppes allow your participants to order these delicacies and have them shipped all across the U.S. All of our stores are backed by family owned and operated businesses, not large corporations.

Why is this fundraiser best run all year long?

The Marketplace is a PERFECT compliment to your big fall fundraiser, your spring events, or any other programs you may run through the year. Groups kickoff any time of year and run their fundraiser as they see it run best. We provide guidance on best practices, all technology support, monthly marketing materials that feature videos, social media posts, creative art for email, flyers and more, Because we have a broad variety of shoppes, as well as seasonal changing menus and monthly specials, there's ALWAYS something happening in The Marketplace.

As your supporters make purchases, they can also sign up for emails from us bi-monthly that will feature new items, our THANK YOU free gift incentives, and more. The Marketplace offers quality and variety at an affordable price, and thus has a great return rate of buyers. You have the power to choose when and how you promote, and we do all the rest! We lovingly refer to our program as an "active passive" fundraiser, because if you promote throughout the year, you develop consistent revenue. Slow and Steady wins the course!

How are orders shipped, and what does shipping cost?

In today's world, shipping costs are VERY important to you, your participants, AND us. And while we don't take ourselves very seriously, we take the integrity of what will be your families' dinner very seriously. So, we ensure that all products are packed to arrive frozen and ready to be prepared or stored in your freezer. Orders are shipped nationwide via UPS and most orders are shipped within one business day. Our turnaround time is the fastest in the industry!

We are based in Philadelphia, PA, and most of our customer's orders include free shipping. HOWEVER with that said, we always offer free or discounted shipping (varies by state) and current customers that sign up for our emails, get THANK YOU emails along with free incentives to purchase again.

How much do people spend on average per order?

Typically, our cart size per order is around $102. Sounds like a lot of cash, right? Well...read on. This would provide for a family of four, three complete dinners (this will vary based on portions and items purchased), plus leftovers. We aim to over deliver on portion sizes, but some folks are more hearty eaters (namely teenagers and their wolf like appetites). With that said, a family can order three full meals for about $35, DELIVERED to their door. AND it includes a portion of profit going to your organization! We feel that's a bargain and that everyone wins. With the exception of the wolf-like teenager...because as a parent, you just can't win.

Do I have to order from each shoppe? Are all items shipped together?

No and Yes! All orders ship from our facility and are 100% guaranteed. Our shipping team is even more amazing than our marketing team in that they crank out shipments daily (except Friday because we don't want your food out in shipping warehouses over the weekend). Customers can order any combination of dips, sides, appetizers, meals, desserts, etc... from all shoppes featured and receive everything in one shipment.

Will the coffee guy get mad if I buy from the cookie guy and not him?

No, they have a pretty good relationship. It's all good, we're all on the same team.

Why are you guys so obviously amazing... and how did you come up with this idea?

We just placed this here to make sure you were doing your homework and reading all of this... so great job! Of COURSE we're amazing (even though amazingness is totally subjective) BUT...the idea came about because we are also parents of children of various ages. And we are part of our own fundraising community so we understand what a labor of love (to put it delicately) fundraising is. So we are trying to make it painless and profitable at the same time. Thus...EASIFY FUNDRAISING was born. Viola! Ok...back to the reading...

How do I get started?

We thought you'd never ask. But since you did, that's easified as well. You simply fill out either the "Send Me More Info" or the "Register Now", link above this FAQ section, depending on how brave you are, or where you are in the decision making process. Then we get back in touch with you about the launch date, specifics on your group, and approval of your landing page.

We then prepare for your kickoff, and before you know it, you're accepting orders and maybe someday you can write a review like the good folks below did!....hint...hint...

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